Cultivate Artistic Talents with a Heart

Cultivate Artistic Talents with a Heart


The PAXers' Art Journal

If you are curious about the art world, let the PAXers take you on an explorative journey
to see, feel and appreciate art through our journal
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Kiwi Getting Ready for the Beach

Adding wires and posing everyday objects into humorous situations is how Terry Border works. Whether it reminds us of cinema, literature, pop culture, scenes of horror movies, or humanizing paperback […]

Stephen Wiltshire

British artist Stephen Wiltshire (born 1974) has an amazing talent in drawing meticulously detailed panoramas of cityscapes by memory after observing the scene with only a brief glance. Despite being […]


Project Artist X ("PAX")

We are a group of art enthusiasts who believe art is a powerful medium that can bring about a wide array of benefits for the society. With this belief, we  set up Project Artist X in 2013 as a self sustainable and independent social enterprise. In addition to nurturing artistic talents, we encourage artists to contribute to the community through their artistic skills and creative minds. Under Project Artist X, there are a number of art related social projects with distinctive missions aiming at helping those in needs and supporting the development of a caring and inclusive culture within our society. Check out our latest activities, and contact us if you would like to contribute to the society through art.

Project Artist X (簡稱 PAX)

PAX 是由一群藝術愛好者於 2013 年在香港創立,我們堅信藝術可以為社會帶來美好的改變。PAX 旨在以藝術為媒介,在香港推動關愛共融的文化;PAX 亦希望透過不同的社區活動,鼓勵藝術家分享他們的技藝和對藝術的熱情,推動藝術的發展。 請留意有關 Project Artist X 的最新活動。如有興趣參與,請聯絡我們